The Galactac Armor

Just wanted to share my latest custom figure. This came upon when I saw the feed from AR500’s instagram early this year (2016). Galac-tac (Ryan Fowler), H&K & AR500 featured the Galac-tac armor at Shot Show 2016. As a fan of both Star Wars, particularly Boba Fett and anything Military/Tactical, I immediately got hooked with the Galac-Tac armor. So I made my own in 1:6 scale.

teaser 1sideobi4

This was inspired by the Mythos Obi Wan Statue. Time to search for parts that I need to make it similar to the Statue gear wise.

I started to scratch built most of the parts that will go on the backpack. The tusken weapons, the jedi armor, the backpack, the fur, the climbing hook with rope etc. Here are some in progress photos.

DSC_2343 DSC_2344DSC_2345 DSC_2347 DSC_2348

Almost done…just waiting for the lightsaber hilts i’ll be hanging from the backpack and will be adding the Jedi logo on the right shoulder armor. 😀

obiwan test 065obiwan test 066

Some background photo test:


Finished project photos can be found here

Ned Stark’s Bastard: Complete. Click the Link at the Bottom For Photos

Sharing my Work In Progress, Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow…
I’m currently happy with how it turned out. It’s a mix of parts from Art Figures The king, sword, pants, belt, tunic (or whatever it’s called) and the boots and the gloves came from a WW2 DID figure. The odd Materials came from a pair of leather gloves, vest boot gaiter and the arm guard. The rest are jewelry leather cord and some furry material and a shirt for the cape. I’m planning to rework the cape with a much better fur, probably from a gorilla stuffed animal or something.

Ordered the HT Sweeney Todd head to go with this. It will be slightly bearded out and recoloring the white stripe on the head.

Wip 1 Wip 2

Inspiration came from this photos.

-Jon-Snow-jon-snow-31057744-1024-576 Jon-Snow-jon-snow-33914462-455-567 Jon-with-Quorin-and-Wildlings-jon-snow-31198024-1279-693 Jon-Snow-jon-snow-33938853-700-960

Completed version can be seen here.

Also, I am so honoured that this piece was chosen from a thousand fan entries to be included and featured in the official GOT Compendium.



Jeep (R) Vehicle

Found a new 1/6 vehicle, a Jeep (R) Rescue Concept Car.  According to google search, it was somehow a competitor of the H2. It’s 1/6 scale is huge, 27″ length and approx. 13″ wide. I painted it Olive Green and the usual weathering of dirt and sand after. Sadly, there are no opening doors, no interior whatsoever, it’s hollow inside.

It was in a bad state of discoloration and dirt everywhere when I got it, but full RC function still working


I have yet to take real photos with operators, but here’s just to show the scale. I think it’s good enough for a 1/6 vehicle.

IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0195